Hey there I'm Josclyn and I enjoy cool things such as parks and rec, the awesome people above, feminism, etc etc.


"Some men feel that too much responsibility for preventing sexual assault has been put on their shoulders"

We’re telling you not to rape people and you think the bar’s never been higher

Kate and Jai Courtney behinde the scenes of Divergent

Reporter epicly fails at interviewing Kristen Wiig


i want a parks/b99 crossover just to see ben terrified over all of the b99 characters, even to boyle


they’re so cute i hate them (x)

❝  holy SHIT if Regina or Emma were a male character this would be all over mainstream entertainment news as like the most romantic scene in OUAT history if not ABC history. I mean, come on. ❞
- Lily Sparks, speaker of truth [x] (via slay-this)
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